Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Veruthe Alla Bharya on Mazhavil Manorama

Veruthe Alla Bharya is a game cum reality show in the new Malayalam channel Mazhavil Manorama. It is telecasted on 8:30pm IST. The anchors of the show are Shwetha Menon (Malayalam cine star, Rathinirvedam, Salt n Pepper) and Aswathi Raichal Mathew. The reports of the show are very good and it is an eye-pleasing reality show running in Malayalam television Channels. The success of Veruthe Alla Bharya is only because of the new idea of participating husbands in the works usually done by Indian women at home. The show started by given a nice profile of each families participating in the show. There are more than 15 families or contestants in the show. Some of them are Sharmila, Dolly, Sangeetha, Manju, Ranjini, Suzzan, Jumaida, Neetha, Sahad, Philip, Vinod, Sunny Thomas, Joshy etc.
The game goes like this; there will be two tasks given to each contestants of the show; on-stage task and off-stage task. The marks are allotted according to the performance of husband in each of the task. The marks are given out of one hundred for each on-stage and of-stage tasks. The marks are given by the judging panel consisting ten non-playing wives. After the completion of these two tasks of Veruthe Alla Bharya on Mazhavil Manorama, the third task is to write beautiful and smoothing love letter for their respective wives. Marks are allotted by a single judge selected by the contestant by selecting lotto and it is out of ten. The elimination round will be commenced just after the third round. Some two or three families who scored less in the above task will be eliminated out of Veruthe Alla Bharya.
The show makes viewers cry, smile and think about the love and care between each husband and wife. The set where the show shoot is taken is a nice one with facilities to occupy more than fifty audiences. It is such a worthy show and everyone should see the show for a complete packed entertainment.