Monday, May 21, 2012

Surya television serial and game show timings

Surya television serial timings from Monday to Friday is given below. Please note that all the timings given are strictly as per IST (Indian Standard Time).

5:30pm Hide and Seek
6:30pm Elam thennal pole
7:00pm Kaiyil oru kodi, are you ready (Game show hosted by Mamtha Mohandas)
8:00pm Nilavilaku
8:30pm Pattukalude patte
9:00pm News hour
10:00pm Point black
11:00pm F.I.R
12:00am Focus Kerala

Kerala viwers love to watch Kaiyil oru kodi, are you ready. It is hosted by Mamtha Mohandas. Its a game show in which contestants can win upto Rs 1 Crore.