Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vrindavan serial on Asianet

Here you can find details about the tv serial Vridavanam.
Vridavanam is the new television channel serial in Asianet on every Monday to Friday at 6:30pm. The main role of an engineer woman is acted by Rasna. The story thread of the serial is explained here.
There are three girls, all have same father, but born to different mothers. The story deals with the cruelty of second mother. Meena is the name of the character who is the sister of the character played by Rasna. There is a second story in the same show that there is a woman, working in a bank, who has a sister and some people disturbs them socially. That role is played by Sreenidhi. It started its telecast on 7th May 2012. Vridavanam is directed by Baiju Devaraj. A lorry diver Manikandan is playing negative role in the serial. Shemi Martin plays a role in the serial.